Thursday, January 19, 2012


Well I'm finally back.  My life has been in fast mode for several days now.  I'm ready for things to slow down. I hope everyone had a great New Year.   I went to the doctor on Tuesday, 17th & received my first fill.  It was ok.  I was really dreading it.  I was told that all I would feel was a prick from the needle.  Just the thought of having a needle in my stomach was not good idea for me.  It was ok.  More of a stinging prick, probably because I moved.  I am a big baby.  I've been doing really well. Last night I had a bad headache, so I took Ibuprofen.  Now, when I have a bad headache, I usually start out taking 4 Ibuprofen & go from there.  I have miagraines, so I take alot of meds.  So here I go, get the 4 pills, my glass of water, & I take all 4 at one time.  Did I mention that I received my fill on Tuesday????  Guess I can no longer take 4 pills at one time now. At first it did not bother me.  But by the time I walked to the restroom & started brushing my teeth, it hit.  The pills were back up in my chest. They would not move.  I did finish brusing my teeth.  I kept thinking, please let me finish before I get sick.  After rinising my mouth I had to lay down in the floor, thank God I have concrete floors.  They were good and cold.  I curled up in a fetal position.  All I could do was lay there.  I couldn't say anything or call for my husband.  I don't know what he could have done.  Stood there & watch me die.  I thought I was going to have a heart attack.  When I finally sat up, I burped.  Ahhh, better.  Then I started drinking sips of water & felt the stupid pills going down.  Lesson learned, one pill at a time now, or liquid meds. Guess this is what I get for bragging, "oh I've done great, no problems."  Yep, lesson learned.  All in all I'm very glad that I had the lap band & would do it again in a heart beat.

Today was my first day of eating.  I took measuring cups to work.  Measured everything & did what I was told.  I'm not hungry, & wasn't between meals.  Very excited about that.  I've been a BIG snacker in the past.  Especially at night.  Give me a bag of chips & I could eat the whole bag.  It's really nice to not be hungry & to not want to snack.  Kinda strange too.  I think I'm going to enjoy this.  I am having a hard time with the exercise bands though.  Guess I'm going to have to watch the dvd that came with them.  I hate doing that.  I read the booklet.  Still can't figure 2 of the exercises out.  LOL.  Silly me.
Have a good night everyone.

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